Saturday, 4 August 2012

Well, 1 whole stone

I seem to have lost a stone, down from an horrific number to one that is only slightly less scary.

So I have a new short term target: 12lbs in 4 weeks. A bit fast, 3lbs per week, but I am quite determined to get back into onderland and being this overweight I am sure my body can do it!

So JUDDD continues - that is becoming a little easier to manage, thanks to myfitnesspal, and I start the couchto5K on Monday - UPDATE: couldn't breathe, so will wait until more weight is off.

So my next few weeks will concentrate on the walking, Wii Fit and the heavy bag in between days. I may actually do some belly dancing instead of the Wii, but I haven't quite decided yet :)

So, here I go..... well 1/6th  or 16.666% of me is already gone.

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