Tuesday, 7 August 2012

It's a Down Day

Not sure what happened yesterday but I fell of the DD wagon and ate out!

Never mind. I put the figures into MFP and decided it was a Medium Day - not quite a DD but lower calories than I would normally eat. That means I haven't fallen off anything, ruined anything or failed!

Today has bee a bit odd. I have been a bit busy, cleaning the kitchen and have so far eaten:

2 peaches
Tiny tin of tuna, spring onion, olives, red pepper, mayo and a ryvita

I should also eat another 230kcals, but so far I am not hungry. I will have a Slimfast shake as supper I think.

That will be about 480kcals for the day.

I need to drink more water.

I need to buy some Miso soup, packets or buillon for thise hungry moments - it's about 12 kcals a cup!

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