Sunday, 5 August 2012

First Cto5K


I had Sunday breakfast: coffee, bacon, scrambled eggs and toast (really must reduce that by about a third) and an hour later went out on my first Cto5K, a whole day early... see how eager I am?

Well who knew you could be that unfit??

I'm not saying I expected to run like Mo Farrar, but I did expect to be able to jog just a little.

So I did a great brisk walk for 5 minutes, no thoughts of oh dear, this is a bit much crossed my mind, honest! I did the first jog, died a death just as the nice lady said I could walk again. So I did, possibly a little slower than I should have!

90 seconds later she said 60 seconds of running/jogging gently again, so again I did..... and died another little death at about 50 seconds. I stopped and turned at Colways Drive - must remember that!

90 seconds of really not so brisk walking and she urged me to run/jog again. I apologised and said I would be hapy to brisk walk all the way home! She continued to urge me to walk/run all the way home. I listened politely and walked, quite briskly I am happy to report.

So there it was. Not quite a fail. I completed a third of the run/jogs, myfitnesspal reckons it was all worth a measly 152kcals! I think it might take about 3 weeks for me to complete the first week properly :(

If anyone is reading this you can get free downloads from the NHS link and there is a HUGE list of other good stuff for the iPod in iTunes store. Loads are free and, in my capacity as a sports scientist, I can confirm that most of them are really good at a  lot of different levels.

So thank you Laura, I will disappoint you again on Tuesday :)

Oh, and I most definitely do not sparkle - I radiate, tomato like!

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