Sunday, 26 August 2012

Oh it has been such a long time

I'm still JUDDDering along.

Went back to work, fell off a little bit, didn't gain anything - weigh in Tuesday, so we will see what really happened.

I am enjoying this diet - is that allowed? It has had a lot of weird side affects, the return of a full button, total loss of carb cravings, increased fruit and veg consumption and an all round good feeling.

Miso soups turned out to be a good buy, odd taste, lovely smell and totally satisfying at 12kcals.

Chai teabags - who knew they could replace hot chocolate? Lovely warm, cinnamony taste... great for supper!

The 2 meals I have are doing well and fruit and miso during the day is enough - still got to drink more water though!

Onwards and downwards :)

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