Saturday, 1 September 2012

Just the one

Ah well. That's still a pound a week on average, which is after all what I worked out all those kcals for!

I am not sure why I was expecting more. I did lots of calculations to ensure I lost slowly and permanently. Now I want to see the kind of fast weight loss that I know is not sustainable!

Just greedy I suppose.

Anyhoo: September's target is purely based on DD successes as I go back to work and it might prove a little difficult until I get into the swing of it.

  • 8 - 12 DDs
  • 4 - 8lbs


Anonymous said...

I admire your progress (well done indeed) and I'm ashamed to admit that I still weigh the same as I did at the start of the year, despite my good intentions! It's like I'm on self-destruct isn't it?

Stef said...

Oh Lyn... I would gush and say join me and JUDDD, but this isn't for everyone, it's weird! I am quite evangelical about it cos, for me, it works. Worse, it seems to work even when I fall off it!! Whatever is happening I feel better, look better and am eating far, far better. Thanks for the cheers though :)