Saturday, 28 July 2012


OK. So I don't eat healthily. What can I swap?

Well, I don't take milk or sugar in my hot drinks. I already drink a lot of decaf tea, rooibus/redbush mainly.

I MUST take lunch not keep on buying it at work. The food in the refec is just laden with fat and kcals! Remember, it doesn't even taste good! So get listing lunches!

I didn't eat much in the way of crisps and chocolate - but have done for about a year, not every day, just sometimes. So I think I need some snack swaps too.

The biggest swap will be active evenings instead of sitting, watching.

So there are my first 2 swapsies:
1. Packed lunch for bought
2. Active evenings for sitting in front of the goggle box. Actually part of this could be to make the lunch! A twofer :D

Pick 2 more in September...

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