Saturday, 17 August 2013

Oops - again!

Fell off the wagon a little bit, back to work and all that. So I went off across t'internet to find some ideas and motivation.

Woman magazine's meal plans
This does have some good stuff in it. Food that really is food and a clear recognition that you do have to go hungry on your Down Days, so find a way of dealing with it - not that it is hard, to be honest!

But what I found was very American sites that have hundreds of really sweet snack things. Stuff I would never, ever eat, even if I was looking to gain a stone or 4. Apple dipped in caramel, pecan bars at 200kcals??

Overly complicated recipes for things that I think are best kept for Up Days, pancakes for breakfast may not be my favourite but why on Earth make them with non dairy dairy products and non sugar sweeteners, non flour flour etc? Especially when they still have 20% of the day's kcals in them? Not a good way to start your day.

And who would feel the need to eat pizza on a DD? Especially when the base has to be made of cauliflower or something equally daft. Fer goodness sake, just eat less! It is only 2 days a week!!

So far we have found that the Hairy Biker's first diet book has some very nice recipes that are just good food that can be eaten on any day of the week. So he who is not dieting gets to eat good food and I eat well even on Up Days. Mix that with the original Fat Girl Slim book - Ruth Watson details meals that I eat the main recipe and he gets the additional kcals. A very nice book for anyone who is a bit of of a foodie and lives with someone who is not dieting.

Add to that the GL books, anyone's GL books but NOT any GI books - GL includes portion sizes in its glyceamic load information, so it is much more realistic and 'doable'.  With these as source material we can eat together every night and he never feels as though he is being put out. Of course some nights he eats things I don't like, fish fingers and beans or something. So we really have found my diet is easy to live with.

So why do I fall off? Easy. I forget to plan! So my next post will be a weekly shopping list....

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