Sunday, 4 August 2013

Back to work food shopping

I really must get all the plastic tubs sorted out again - tubs with their lids would be really useful.

I want to have my foodbox under my desk again. I don't know why I stopped doing that it really helped. It is a big box with a lid filled with smaller boxes that held all the non perishable bits that made it possible not to eat in the canteen.

I need cutlery too. I'll use a couple of cheap tea towels to make a cutlery roll, easy for washing up then :)

I'll need to read the Rose Elliot 5 fruit/veg book again.  Pick 1 or 2 each week. MFP them for kcals first though.

Miso soup
Rooibus teabags
Rooibus earl grey or similar

Dried Goods
Thread noodles - for DIY soup/pot noodles
Ryvita: 1 sweet, 1 savoury
Dark chocolate

Every week
Cherry tomatoes
Artichoke hearts
Cheese of some sort
Soups - Glorious Skinny or otherwise

Mini pepper mill - it's at work somewhere!!

Bowl for fruit
Soup mugs - split the soup into 2 mugs --> microwave

I have some storecupboard stuff that needs using up
Flapjacks -  oats and dried fruit

Over time I will also make batches of stuff that can be frozen
Batch bake muffins and freeze back
Make biscuit base and freeze back
Med veg, including the cous cous
Veggie curry
Sweet potato - baked, for DIY pot noodle
Kale - it is in the veggie patch, chopped small and blanched for DIY pot noodle
Empanadas - when there is a bit of 'stuff' leftover for fillings

I have collected all the plastic together, funny how I now have more lids than boxes! Next week I'll buy the dried goods and take them in, ready for use. So I should be good to go :)

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