Sunday, 29 January 2012

OK. So let's deal with the tiredness

I am sooooooooooooooo tired nothing will shift the feeling of malaise!

I know that I have to exercise slowly at the beginning, the anaemia sees to that, but the CFS is making even the most simple of starts impossible. Again I prevaricate and avoid! I wouldn't mind but as an ex-fitness instructor with a Masters in exercise and health I do actually know what to do! Honest!

So, this physician is going to heal herself!!

Exercise will be easy: walking, using a tried and trusted timetable from Nina Barough

I will post my walks here and we shall see how that goes!

But I also need to consider the diet and CFS. So out goes
  • Alcohol
  • 2nd cup of coffee - one a day maximum
  • all artificial stuff, quite easy as I don't eat much ready made food or sweets etc
  • white flour in bread, pasta etc
In comes: