Sunday, 1 January 2012

1st Weigh in

OK, so here we go....

Today I weigh 15stone 7lbs, that is 217lbs.

My first target of the year is to:

Walk at least twice this week
Eat breakfast every day
Wii at least twice this week
Lose 2lbs.


Anonymous said...

Hello Stef, Lyn here. I weigh about the same as you and I reckon I need to shift about 4 stone. Gulp. How did it happen? When I was in my thirties I went to step classes and tap dancing and I was never going to get old and fat. Now I'm both. I like your sensible approach to weight loss and I will try to do the same. Good luck!

Little Brown Hen said...

Hi Stef, I was 12stone 8lb last March, and the doctors told me my BMI and colestrol were a bit too high and I'd do well to try and lose a stone, so I went home with my diet sheet and decided to have porridge for breakfast and evening meal, dinner mid day, and lots of fruit the rest of the time, especially grapes as treats. I have lost 2st 5lb and feel much better for it.
Good luck with your new eating plan.